Belkwinth was once a city of human and dwarven monks nestled high on the spine of the world, the majestic towers of the city mingling with the white peaks of the mountains.

The city served as a repository of knowledge, knowledge gleaned and saved for its own sake rather than for a specific purpose, and the Unseen Library of Belkwinth was constructed to hold the books, scrolls, crystals and tablets upon which this vast pool of knowledge was written.

And so it was from the mists of time.

Then, the Black Knight and his dark riders came, seeking the key to an ancient prophecy. Time and again they charged the gates, eventually breaking through. The Paladins of Belkwinth stood fast and were slaughtered, their blood mingling with that of those they swore to protect.

The Black Knight demanded the acolytes hand over the key, and give access to the library. One after another they were butchered for their refusal.

In the end, all were killed, and the city razed in the Dark Knight’s fury. It is said that the library still lies hidden somewhere beneath the ruins.

Reaching the Unseen Library will not be easy nor for the faint of heart, for once you pass through the trapped dungeon beneath the dragon, you must make it through the Labyrynthe of Bones. Only the most powerful of magic, the strongest of heart, and deepest of faith will make it through without the key…

The City of Acadia
The City of Acadia was once a metroplis, ruled over by the House of Acadia from within the ancient Castle Blackmoor.
During the First Cataclysm, the great wizard Jak Mykhol caused the city to be ripped from the very earth to protect the people from the Mist, an unknown dark power that can pull entire cities into an unknown plane of existance.

After the cataclysm, the city was taken over by the Council of Five, tasked by Mykhol to protect the populace from the Mist for all time.

whispered in an alleyway
It is said that a group of assassins calling themselves the “Yellow Hand of Fate” is operating within the city. They have already been credited with the death of Lady Delphine Von Dirking, Erick McShane and an elf named Kiln.

drunken conversation at the Inn of the Silver Chain
1st drunk: There’s no d…d…d….dark elves in Acadia! The council w..w…would never stand for it.
2nd Drunk: I saw him! or her…it was a Drow, always hard to tell….they all look alike. He saved my life. One of those yellow-clad buggers tried to gut me like a flounder, and this dark shadow slipped out, put a garrot around the assassin’s neck, and damn near took its head off! Then it said “Beware the Coming Fog” and dissappeared into the shadows.

Missing People
heard at the Inn of the Silver Chain
Didja hear? Old Jenkins says he saw his wife, Cassie, get pulled into a street drain right before his very eyes! The watch says he must have killed her and is trying to cover up, he is due to be hanged…if they can ever find the body.


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