City of Torrell

The City of Torrell, home of the Great Games:

The city of Torrell lies at a conjunction of all the known worlds. It lies along a natural harbor at the edge of a freshwater ocean, and stretches nearly twenty five miles to the foothills of a great mountain range. The locals call the ocean “the Blinding Blue” and the mountains “The Spine of the World,” though both are known by many names across the multiverse. In all universes, the city is known as the “City of Magic.”

The city itself is a miracle or engineering, consisting of six wards (harbor, market, games, estates, government, graveyard) laid out in the shape of an H, with the government and estates lying in the center. Each ward is connected by a magically powered tram system that is suspended above the city, with three story stations serving as entrance and egress to the tram. There are stations located throughout the city that are accessible for a simple silver piece.

Reaching the city, however, is a feat unto itself. Legend says “You don’t find Torrell…Torrell finds you.” No one who sets out to find the city in itself ever reaches it, and hundreds die in the attempt every decade, when the Great Games are supposed to start. Those who are called either find the city in a dream and simply know how to find it, or encounter “the Highwayman,” a traveling merchant that some say is the heart of the city itself. The Highwayman will give directions to the city that are exacting, right down to the days needed to travel there.

Once in the city, many never want to leave. Between the magical devices, gateways to other realms, and the Marketplace of Dreams, those who are called may find all that they seek within the walls of Torrell.

Then of course there are the Great Games. Every decade a series of contests are held within the Colliseum, ranging from lock picking and trap avoiding to tests of combat to the ever popular games of chance. Winners in the Great Games can find their future wealth assured.

The Harbor Ward:

The Harbor Ward extends around a natural cove and consists of warehouses, taverns, inns, and the seedier elements of the city. Ships of every type can be found within the harbor, with captains willing to take passengers anywhere within the multiverse.

The Marketplace:

Within the marketplace you will find every item from the realms, available for a price, as well as inns, taverns, animal and slave pens, barns, and so on. Most items are available at 115% of the sourcebook price, including magic items.

The Games Ward:

The games ward is the heart of the city. In the middle lies the massive eight story coliseum, the games commission, and the viewing center. Games of all sorts take place year round, though the Great Games are what the center is known for.

The Government Ward:
This ward consists of the council building and an inn reserved for councilmen and their guests. The ward is heavily guarded and patrolled.

The Estate Ward:

The estate ward is where the government officials, wizards. clerics and other well to do citizens reside. The buildings are monuments of architecture, some floating far above the city itself.

The Graveyard:

The graveyard actually lies beneath the city. Many citizens give their entire worth to be interred within the catacombs.

City of Torrell

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