Legacy of the White Rose

The Castle of Dredd

On the planes below the City of Acadia, Lady Willow challenged the heroes with finding the Map Room located within the ruins of Castle Daxica.

On their first night within the city, the heroes were attacked by Baneguards, part of a faction loyal to Lord Bane and devoted to taking over the magical city and finding the Hammer of Havoc, an ancient artifact of great power once belonging to the Cleric Throckmorton Mason. The party defeated the Baneguards handily, then fled as reinforcements arrived.

Shortly thereafter, using contacts Shyivar had recently obtained, the heroes found a secret back entrance to the castle, easily bypassing the traps and ruins beneath the city streets.

The heroes used the Holy Symbol of the Raven Queen to bypass the locked doors keeping “something” within the Castle.

The heroe spent the rest of the day avoiding traps and talking to rather annoying ghosts before discovering the Map Room and obtaining the locations of all of the Hearstone Shards, relics that must be destroyed in order to prevent the coming convergence of worlds. Moments later, they were confronted by Daxica, a vampire who once ruled Acadia. The Vampire was defeated by the simple expedient of pushing him out a window to fall 550 feet into daylight.

With a job well done, the heroes returned to the Inn of the Silver Cup…only to find Lord Bane’s men waiting for them

The Ruins of Belkwinth

The campaign began with the heroes recovering just after the Great Games, and being summoned to an early morning meeting in the uncommon room. Their host, Lady Willow, summoned the heroes to her temple on the elemental plane of air, where she enlisted their aid in a great quest, a quest to save the multiverse from an unknown foe.

The group set out for the Unending Library beneath the Ruins of Belkwinth, a place once held dear by the Dwarven monks of Bampf. Braving ill winds, dreaded Frost Kobolds and of course the Guardians of Forever, the heroes eventually entered the catacombs beneath the city, entering abruptly through a secret door accidentally located by the mage Denethor, who learned that “sometimes you just have to give it a push.”

Within the ancient cathedral of Bampf, the heroes found a guide who led them through the perilous dungeon to the City of Bones, the last resting place of the Belkwinth Monks, beyond which lay the Veil, the last guardian of the Library.

Within the Veil, the heroes worked together and found the courage within themselves to ignore the fear effects of the Veil and escape to the Library Entrance.

At the Entrance, three riddles were answered, allowing passage into the Library, where the party eventually found the Book of Prophecies. Moments later, the Dark Lord Bane appeared and the heroes made good their heroic retreat while the Library’s guardians defended them.

The Book of Prophecies immediately offered a clue, leading the heroes to the City of Acadia…


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