The Legacy of the White Rose is a Basic Edition fantasy campaign that revolves around the Fellowship of the White Rose, a group of heroes brought together by the Lady Willow, an avatar of justice whose symbol is a single white rose. On the following pages you will find information on the world, the campaign, the characters, and notes on game sessions.

Campaign Overview

The game is set on Oerth, which is kind of a compilation of all the game worlds, with elements from Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Dark Sun and Garweeze Wurld (Hackmaster).

As the story begins, the characters have each travelled, for whatever reason, to the fabled city of Torrell, where they intend to participate in the Great Games, a medieval Olympics
The Campaign Begins

As the game begins, it is the evening after the games, and you are all spending the night in the Inn of the Last Repose, an upper class Inn that is offering reduced prices to Games participants. You return to your rooms to find a scroll from someone calling herself Lady Willow, asking you to meet her in the Uncommon Room for breakfast tomorrow. It includes a single white rose and a platinum nugget.

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The role of a superior DM is NOT to tell a story to his or her players. The DM need only provide an interesting and challenging environment for the players to explore and then administer that environment totally impartially. Superior players will be able to create a character-driven, interactive story from these raw materials, and neither the players nor the GM can tell where the story is headed." – The Gospel of Papers&Paychecks

Legacy of the White Rose

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